Welcome to EPS for Volunteers

A Brief Introduction to EPS

Excellence in Public Service (EPS) is an outgrowth of a 2009 Walden University graduate research project. EPS builds databases on nonprofits (aka NGOs). Our present focus is on organizations with current operations in Southeast Asia.

The database is designed to rate the duplication, efficiency, transparency and productivity of non-profit organizations and contractors. EPS applies this information to multiple purposes. A key purpose for EPS to exist is to serve donors and contracting agencies seeking opportunities and new resources but we also collect and deliver information to the general public. Another important function of the organization is to recognize outstanding leaders of top performing organizations.

This work is important because the ever increasing demand for assistance around the world means there is greater competition for a shrinking pool of resources. EPS seeks to ensure that every development assistance dollar spent is applied to its intended purpose and the desired results are delivered. The work EPS is doing can ensure that grants and contracts are awarded to organizations and contractors that use this money effectively and efficiently.

Thailand alone has reportedly 10,000 registered foundations and another 10,000 associations. EPS is tracking approximately 60 fields of information on each of them. That amounts to potentially 1 million fields of information – a daunting undertaking that requires the help of volunteers who are capable of searching for information online and completing our digital questionnaires on these organizations with public information that has never been made available in one resource.

This process is not complex but it is time consuming so we have developed an online questionnaire on our website for volunteers who are willing to assist in this worthy project.