Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes

Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes
Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes
Letters of interest, resumes, and three references (no phone calls please) should be sent to: Link Community School 23 Pennsylvania Avenue Newark, NJ 07114 or (If emailing, please type the position sought in the subject line.)

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The Dean of Curriculum & Student Outcomes holds primary responsibility for supporting a rich educational program that prepares students’ minds, bodies and spirits through (1) the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of a living and breathing curriculum; and (2) the evaluation of student performance and direction of instruction to attain the strongest level of student achievement and mission alignment. The Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes plays a central role in the success of the school, working closely with the Principal, Dean of Students, the Special Education Coordinator, the School Social Worker, and other school staff to maximize support for students’ academic and socio-emotional development. The Dean participates fully in the life of the school.

It is expected that the Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes:

 Research, design, and/or supplement the academic curriculum for all subjects and grades based on successful models and approaches;

 Ensure standards based academic curriculum;

 Document and communicate scope and sequence for each grade level;

 Monitor grade-level progress against scope and sequence benchmarks and school wide goals;

 Participate in the design and implementation of systems to assess student achievement;

 Generate and manage standardized test and internal assessment schedules, logistics, and reporting;

 Research, evaluate and approve, curricular materials such as textbooks;

 Observe and coach Teachers daily;

 Contribute to the Principal’s evaluation of school staff;

 Ensure access to and participation in high-quality internal and external professional development for staff;

 Help teachers to develop instructional strategies and intervention programs that elevate achievement among struggling students;

 Participate in staff recruitment.

All candidates for Dean of Curriculum and Student Outcomes should have at least five years of experience teaching, developing/writing curriculum, and driving and achieving strong student growth and absolute performance, preferably at an urban school; and hold a Masters Degree.

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