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YSEI was launched in 2005 to support young social entreprenurs from Thailand, Malaysia, Timor Leste, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, or Nepal with innovative ideas. With the assistance of YSEI young social entrepreneurs emerge and create lasting impact. It was founded in 2005 as a Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) multi-stakeholder partnership program between its members – Thai Rural Net (TRN), Mitra & OrphanIT. YSEI focused on young visionaries who had big ideas and who needed crucial startup support to turn their ideas into action. Typical profiles were:

Social ventures with blended values (value creation that consists of economic, social and/or environmental value components)
Ventures with a focus on Information & communication technologies (ICTs) are recognized as an integral part of the venture/solution-provided.
Ventures led by youth from developing countries aged between 19 to 30 years
The start-up support by ChangeFusion staff included coordinating the start-up financing for selected social enterprises, the development of knowledge & tools on social entrepreneurship and technical consulting.

YSEI also developed the guidebook for young social entrepreneurs “Start up and change the world” including information, tips and profiles to help social entrepreneurs develop the right business plan to create maximum social impact.

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